With the market flooded with online estate agent services which generally charge many hundreds into the thousands for their advertising they offer,  and lots of add on’s and additional costs, is it really selling privately and saving the owner money?

You can list on sites such as  Ebay and Gumtree, however these sites offer other products, and not a professional property listings, and may not really be the place people feel comfortable with  property advertising.

Most buyers know where they are looking to move to, whether it be close to a school, for work, and what type of property they are looking for and their budget.

So at Not an Estate Agency we’ve created a professional property advertising site where owners can advertise their property privately.  NO COMMISSION for the buyer or seller.

It’s just keeping it simple and cutting out expensive agency services.

What is a private house sale?

A private house sale is one where you sell directly to the buyer, without using an estate agent.

How do I start with my private sales advertising?

You will need to write a description of your property, to include details of improvements, size of property, outside area, location and ideally local facilities nearby.

What documentation do I need?

You will need to have your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Documents related to the sale will be required – most solicitors will hold these.

Documents related to what is included in the sale – you can create an inventory and make this available for the buyer.  It will also be used for the sale contract.

Photographs – take photos on a sunny day.

Floor Plan – this helps with potential buyers understanding the layout and if the space can work for them.  We can provide this service for an additional fee.

How to conduct a viewing?

Your house needs to be tidy, to help make it into a place that the potential buyer can imagine living in.

Do some de-cluttering, whilst it maybe homely to you, you need to make your home feel easy adaptable to the new owners tastes.

Plan you route for viewing – whilst this may seem a little strange at first, it enables you to take someone through the house so you highlight features and don’t forget anything. It’s good also to finish of the areas that offers most ‘wow’ factor as this will be the last feature that remains at the end of a viewing.   Make a list of all the key features, and have a practice with friends or family.

Allow buyers to ask questions, and don’t rush them.  This can make them feel uneasy and detract from the viewing of your property.  Don’t forget they’ve chosen to view and not been sent be an estate agent.

Finally, try and relax, most of us find showing people round our home difficult, but think of the thousands you could be saving.

Additional Services

With all property transaction you will need a legal service .  An estate service is not a legal requirement for a property to be bought or sold.